Photo by: Nate Lemuel of Darklisted Photography 

As the founder and owner of Milo Creations, Michelle has dedicated herself to honoring her heritage and preserving the rich cultural legacy of the Pueblo of Acoma. Raised in the Bear Clan by her mother, Roberta Charlie, and the Yellow Corn Clan by her father, Aaron Lowden, Michelle carries the stories and traditions of her ancestors with pride.

Nestled in the heart of the Pueblo of Acoma, Michelle's ancestral home serves as the backdrop for her artistic journey. Known as Aa'ku in the Keres language, this sacred land is where her creativity truly flourishes. It is here that she draws inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes, ancient traditions, and powerful spirits that envelop her every day.

In 2009, Michelle embarked on a mission to share her unique vision with the world through Milo Creations. What started as a passion for creating Acoma-inspired jewelry has blossomed into a diverse range of offerings, including exquisite wool blankets, luxurious silk scarves, and captivating graphic works. Each piece is a testament to Michelle's unwavering commitment to her craft and her desire to spread the beauty of her culture far and wide.

But for Michelle, this journey is about more than just art. It is about reclaiming her identity and ensuring that the stories of her people are not forgotten. With every stroke of her brush or more frequent digital paint brush she creates together the colors of the past and present, creating a vibrant piece of art that speaks to the resilience and spirit of Indigenous communities.


So, come and join Michelle on this extraordinary voyage. Let her art transport you to a world where tradition meets innovation, where ancient wisdom dances with modern expression. Milo Creations is not just a brand, but a heartfelt tribute to the strength and beauty of her culture. And through her work, Michelle Lowden is writing a new chapter in the story of her people, one masterpiece at a time.

Previous Work

May 2014 - Michelle has been an Inspired Natives Collaborator since 2014 and is the first arts entrepreneur to participate in Eighth Generation's Inspired Natives Project. Click link to learn more about the Inspired Natives Project 

January 2015 - Michelle was one of two artists to be selected for the Rising Artists Fellowship along side artist, Randy Barton. Each artist created a large scale installation inside the hotels room at the Nativo Lodge in ABQ, NM. Click link to learn more about the Nativo Lodge room installation.

November 2017 - Michelle participated in a 360 degree Pueblo pottery mapping system with New Mexico based company, Ideum. Click link to learn more about the Exploring Pueblo Pottery Project.

July 2021 - Michelle participated in a mural project with Cochiti Pueblo artist Mateo Romero and youth from the Pueblo of Acoma at the Sky City Cultural Center. 
Photo by: Lambert Martinez